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Robin and David fell in love with Atlanta and it’s people in 2018 when they moved to the city to train dogs. 5 years later they took a major leap and opened up Atlanta Dog Stars. They share a passion for helping all dogs including their trio, Tallulah the Chinese crested, dojo the long haired Chihuahua and Tiberius the Doberman. Both Robin and David are members of IACP and enjoy attending seminars annually to learn new methods to help their clients in Atlanta. They are both pet CPR certified with David having 7 years of military medical experience. They are proud of their balanced approach in helping to remove conflict from the way you are currently communicating with your dog. In turn, helping to develop a more productive language between you and your dog. They realize that training your dog is only half the job.  Robin and David strive to teach their clients how to be competent pet owners and confident leaders for their dog.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and you will find yourself being much more interesting to your dog. They specialize in puppy culture, basic obedience, off leash reliability, severe separation anxiety and  leash reactivity. They offer in home private lessons and board and train options. If you happen to see Robin or David out and about in uniform, feel free to say hi. We love to connect with our community and share our love of all things DOG! 

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David Charlton is committed to providing the most effective solutions to his client’s dog training needs.  David has extensive experience in customer service, having been in the customer service industry for most of his adult life.  He served 7 years as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, 6.5 years as a Psychiatric Technician, and spent 18 years in the tattoo industry.  David is not only concerned with the benefits training can have for your dog; he is also focused on helping you, the client, to enjoy easier lives with your canine companions by strengthening the bond you share with your furry friends.  David avidly pursues continuing education and professional development by attending seminars and keeping current on industry literature.  David has extensive experienced working with dogs dating back to his childhood as a volunteer dog handler for various animal shelters. When David is not training clients dogs, he spends his time with his wife working their 105 lbs. Doberman, 6 lbs. Chinese Crested and 10 lbs. Long Haired Chihuahua.

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Robin first moved to Atlanta in 2018 for an opportunity to elevate her career as a professional dog trainer. It was in 2023 that Robin and her co-dog trainer husband, David, decided to open Atlanta Dog Stars. She enjoys attended seminars and conferences to extend her knowledge base, update her tools and equipment and talk dog with anyone who will participate. When Robin doesn’t have a leash in her hand, she enjoys working out and rock climbing with her husband along with touring new restaurants (all suggestions welcomed)  She enjoys working with small toy breeds like her Chinese crested, Tallulah, who loves to bask in the sun like a cat and do zoomies with her Chihuahua brother, Dojo. She also enjoys the challenge of training her helper dog, Ty, a 105 lbs Doberman who was rehabilitated from an abandonment case. Robin is well versed in behavior modification cases involving separation anxiety, reactivity, stranger danger and over stimulation. She also enjoys setting puppies up for success in a new home, teaching basic obedience extending into off leash reliability. She has a ton of tricks up her sleeve, so if trick training is your jam, let her know! Over the span of her 6 year career, Robin has helped thousands of people live their best lives with dogs in tow! Above all, Robin strives to be a strong coach, someone who motivates you to put the work in, helps you build the relationship you want with your dog and ultimately, unleash your dog’s star power. 

Thank you for considering Atlanta Dog Stars to partner with you through your journey to a happier life through dog obedience. We look forward to hearing more about your dog and see where we can help you. We have a FREE consultation to help you decide if we are the right fit for you and your position. Atlanta Dog Stars looks forward to hearing from you.

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Congratulations on taking the first step to a better life with your dog! We will call you either by end of business hours today or tomorrow to book your free evaluation.

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