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At Atlanta Dog Stars, we strive to help people build the best relationships with their dogs. Whether it’s setting them up for success with their first puppy, a newly adopted dog or dealing with escalating bad habits, we are dedicated to help. We also teach people how to navigate lifestyle changes like welcoming a new baby, moving to an apartment or welcoming other animals into the mix.
We take pride in our balanced methods. We believe in LIMA. Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive strategy to achieve your training and behavioral goals.
We specialize in basic obedience along with confidence building, stranger danger, anxiety, over stimulation, fear, submissiveness, resource guarding, focus building and dogs who generally need help to untangle their response system.
Our goal is to offer programs that are tailored to your lifestyle and suit your dogs needs. We honor the dogs we train with lifetime support!
Are you ready to unleash your dog’s star power? Call today to schedule a free evaluation.



Talk to an experienced trainer to find the best program suited for your goals and lifestyle.



The do’s and don’ts of potty and crate training. How to properly socialize and work through puppy tantrums. Also includes intro to basic obedience.



In home lessons to focus on your individual needs which includes basic obedience and combating distraction. Advanced off leash control options.



While your dog lives and trains in our personal home, we focus on a strong foundation of basic obedience and the freedom of off leash control.


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Alex Vernon

Atlanta, GA


Robin and David are phenomenal people and they absolutely love dogs. Our dog Milo did a 2 week board and train with Robin in October 2022. Prior to his training with Robin, he knew some basic commands but he'd only obey them if he was incentivized by a treat or toy. He constantly pulled on his leash and we definitely did not trust him off leash. Our primary goal with training was off leash walking and recall and Robin knocked it out of the park.It's been 7 months since his training and he's still crushing it. During training, she sent us updates almost every day so we could watch his progress and he had a great time with them. When Robin dropped him off after his training, he cried when she left - that's how much fun he had during his board and train. Since then, we have boarded Milo with Robin and David 5 or 6 times and Milo's always so happy to see them. David always picks Milo up and drops him off at our house and he's always professional and on time. We're planning on getting another dog in a year or two and will absolutely have Atlanta Dog Stars do their training as well. We did a lot of research before choosing a dog trainer and we could not recommend Robin and David enough.


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Thank you for considering Atlanta Dog Stars to partner with you through your journey to a happier life through dog obedience. We look forward to hearing more about your dog and see where we can help you. We have a FREE consultation to help you decide if we are the right fit for you and your position. Atlanta Dog Stars looks forward to hearing from you.

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Congratulations on taking the first step to a better life with your dog! We will call you either by end of business hours today or tomorrow to book your free evaluation.

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